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Big Island Fishing

There are several Big Island Fishing Charters to choose from which all depart from the Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii. Call us at 866-482-9775 for more infomation, or order online.

Have you ever considered taking your family Hawaii Big Island Fishing during your Hawaii Vacation?  Kona fishing is one of the most popular activities that you can take advantage of, and you can rest assured that you tour group will never forget the fun they had during your Big Island Fishing excursion!  Big Island Fishing is your one stop spot for finding the best Kona Fishing deals available.  Kona Fishing is the absolute finest fishing you’ll find throughout Hawaii, so sign your friends and family up now for the adventure of a lifetime!  While taking advantage of some Big Island Fishing, you’re sure to create lasting memories that will be retold for years to come.  Looking to bond with that special someone or your child?  Why not take them on an exciting Kona Fishing adventure?  There’s no better way to top off your vacation than with Big Island Fishing. Hawaii Discount, the Parent Company of offers only the best Hawaii Activities and Hawaii Tours at the lowest prices. Not only does Hawaii Discount offer Big Island Fishing Charters, but also offers Oahu Fishing Charters, Maui Fishing Charters, and Kauai Fishing Charters.

Big Island Hawaii Deep Fishing is only truly enjoyable when experienced with the best Big Island Fishing Charters.  Thankfully, Big Island Fishing has gone the extra step and researched local Kona Deep Sea Fishing charters to find only the finest and best for you and your traveling companions.  You’ll be accompanied by experienced, knowledgeable staff that can show you the ropes about Big Island Deep Sea Fishing and will help you reel in some great catches!

During your Kona Fishing expeditions, you can expect to catch skipjack tuna, blue marlin, striped marlin, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, and more!  Just think about it—after your Kona Sportfishing excitement, you can sit down and dig into a meal that you and your family caught!  There’s nothing better than chowing down on a scrumptious meal that you helped make possible. 

To ensure that you don’t miss out on some fantastic Fishing in Kona opportunities, be sure to book your Kona Hawaii Fishing journey ahead of time.  These are some of the most popular Hawaii activities, and it would be a shame to miss out on them!

Kailua Kona Fishing can mean three hundred pound tuna, a one thousand pound blue marlin, bull dolphins, or other well known and delicious Hawaiian fish.  Some other popular fishing spots can take hours to get to; with Big Island Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing, you are within sight of the shore while you reel in these incredible water creatures.  No other fishing can compare to Hawaii Big Island Deep Sea Fishing!

One of the Big Island Fishing Charters used is Intrepid Sportfishing.  Climb aboard and enjoy the adventure of Kona Deep Sea Fishing with the knowledgeable crew of Intrepid.  The staff loves enjoying Kona Fishing with all skill levels—it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert angler.  You’re sure to have a great time during your Kona Sportfishing excursion!  Within just minutes of leaving Honokohau Harbor, you’ll be enjoying Fishing in Kona amidst crystal clear waters.

Due to the formation of the islands by volcanic activity, the Intrepid charter can be in extremely deep waters within a short distance from the shore, meaning that there’s less time traveling and more time actually Kona Hawaii Fishing!  The deep marine canyons and steep drop-offs are perfect for Kailua Kona Fishing for those predator fishes that expert fisherman are always in search of. 

Another well-renowned Big Island Fishing Charter is Bite Me Sportfishing.  This company offers three boats for you to choose from when you book your Big Island Fishing adventure so that you can be sure to pick the most suitable vessel for your group.

Regardless of which Big Island Hawaii Sportfishing boat you decide upon, you’re in for some of the best coast scenery in the world.  The Kona Coast is not only famous for Big Island Deep Sea Fishing but also for its abundance of the gorgeous, giant blue marlin.  You’re guaranteed the adventure of a lifetime on the Bite Me, Bite Me II, or Bite Me III.

All of Bite Me Sportfishing’s boats leave from the beautiful Honokoahu Harbor, the nearest destination to the best Kona Deep Sea Fishing spot on the coast:  “Grander Alley.”  You’ll love Kona Fishing for striped marlin, black marlin, blue marlin, ahi, short nosed spearfish, and more!

The final Kona Sportfishing charter is Camelot Sportfishing.  This charter gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the most fun Fishing in Kona around.  The Kona coast is home to a wide variety of big game such as ono, pacific blue marlin, mahi mahi, ahi, spearfish, and more.  Imagine what your friends will say when you reel in some huge game during your Kona Hawaii Fishing adventure!

The Camelot’s crew is famous for their ability to attract huge fish—you’re sure to catch some big game during your incredible Kailua Kona Fishing journey.  The knowledgeable crew truly enjoys Big Island Fishing and will provide you and your group with all of the necessary equipment so that your Kona Fishing expedition is as successful as possible. 

These three Big Island Fishing charters give you and your friends or family the best opportunity to enjoy fabulous Kona Fishing in one of the best deep sea fishing spots in the world:  the Kona coast.  Knowledge captains and crews ensure that your Kona Fishing adventure will be safe and fun, so be sure to bring the whole family along during these exciting Big Island Fishing activities!  Kona Fishing is sure to be unforgettable!  When you’re booking activities for your Hawaii vacation, be sure to ask about Big Island Fishing and Kona Fishing to make your getaway as fun as possible.


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