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Hawaii Sport Fishing Adventures – Frequently Asked Questions

Prior to setting out for a fun day on the high seas, you’ll want to know a few key pieces of information, which will answer those important questions that you may have. Hawaii sport fishing adventures are fun, adventurous, and are one of those activities that is non-stop fun throughout your day. Check out these frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you plan for what is sure to be one of your favorite days from your trip.

How many people fit on the boat?
Each boat is different, so depending on which Hawaii sport fishing adventure you choose, there will be room for anywhere from 6-10 passengers on board. The captain and crew are also on board the vessel, which is usually between 35-50 feet, leaving plenty of room to move around freely.

Does the boat have a covered area?
Yes, all boats do offer a covered area of some kind, though each boat is different. Some vessels feature an entire indoor area, where you can sit back and relax, while others simply offer a shaded area. Either way, you will have a way to escape the sun.

What can we bring on board the boat?
This varies with each Hawaii Sport Fishing Adventure, but you are typically allowed to bring anything you think you might need on board. Plan to bring plenty of food for the day, water, sports drinks, plenty of sunblock, a hat, sunglasses, a light jacket or long sleeved shirt (to protect from the sun), and anything necessities that you’d need on a normal day.

Do we get to keep what we catch?
Yes, you will get a portion of the catch. In the event that you do reel one in, the captain will portion it out as set by the rules of the boat. Each boat portions the day’s catch differently.

What is the difference between Private and Semi-Private Charter?
A private charter costs a bit more, but you will have the entire boat to yourself. Your group will be in full control of the day and won’t have to share the boat with others. On a semi-private charter, you’re reserving a set number of spots on the boat, similar to a sightseeing tour on a bus, and there will be others on board with you. Either is a great option, and a semi-private charter allows you to make new friends from your trip.

How long are we at sea?
This is the other choice that you will need to make. A full-day charter takes you out to sea for 8-10 hours, reaching the deepest waters where the biggest fish are found. A half-day charter’s duration is 4-6 hours, and stays in the shallower waters, typically in the channels between the islands, and returns in the early afternoon. These fish are typically smaller, though still well worth heading out to sea.

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