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Hawaii Sport Fishing – Different Types of Fish

One of the most frequently asked questions we get before a Hawaii Sport Fishing Adventure is “what types of fish will catch?” Really, there is no easy answer. Each and every day is different, and is all dependent on ocean conditions, the duration of your fishing trip, and what the Captain determines is the best area for fishing. There are some very common fish that are caught during a Hawaii Sport Fishing Adventure, and you might be lucky enough to reel one of these big fish in.

Mahi Mahi – this is one of the more popular fish that you will catch during a day at sea, and despite the fact that these aren’t the biggest fish, bringing one on board is quite the feat. Mahi Mahi are used in a variety of delicious dishes, including fish tacos, and the firm, white meat is just delicious. The Mahi is also a very pretty fish, and the males are known for their prominent brow.

Yellowfin Tuna – during your trip, you’re bound to encounter a dish that is made with Yellowfin Tuna. It is used to make Poke, found on many sushi rolls, and is just as tasty as the main course in an entrée. If you hook any species of tuna, get ready for a battle!

Marlin – one of the most sought after fish in Hawaiian waters, the Marlin is a big game fish, and often takes many hours to bring on board. The largest fish ever caught in Hawaii was a Blue Marlin, weighing in at over 1,800 pounds. You may not set a record during your Hawaii Sport Fishing Adventure, but if you’re lucky enough to catch one during a full-day fishing charter, you’ll have the ultimate story to tell.

Swordfish – similar to the marlin, the swordfish is a huge fish that is incredibly powerful and possess nearly endless endurance. It will take a feat of strength to bring it on board, and usually takes multiple fishermen to finally reel it in. The swordfish can grow to be one of the biggest fish in the ocean and will give you a very enviable story to share.

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