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Big Game Fish in Hawaii – Marlin

Hawaiian waters are some of the most populated in the world, with perfect water temperatures and a healthy supply of food, fish in Hawaiian waters are known to grow to record size In fact, many record breaking fish have been caught off the coast of both Oahu and the Big Island, including       the largest Pacific Blue Marline ever caught, weighing 1,805 pounds!

Though the marlin is found in waters all over the world, Hawaiian waters are the preferred water for the large fish, and are one of the best places in the world to head out for a day of fishing on a full-day private charter. The marlin is one of the prized catches that local fishing boats are in search of, and by joining a fishing charter, you have the chance to not only see one of these amazing fish, but potentially catch one and help to reel it in.

The Hawaiian name for the marlin is A’u, and males typically grow to be more than 300 pounds, while females routinely reach 1,000 pounds or more. They feed mostly on smaller fish and squid, but have been known to eat large tuna as well. Catching a marlin is quite the feat, and reeling one in is no easy task. The strength of these fish can be overwhelming, and it can take hours to get one on board.

Hawaii has long been a vital part of marlin fishing, and many fishing techniques have been developed and perfected off the coasts of Oahu and Big Island. In fact, of all the techniques that are used, lure trolling may be the most effective, and was created by local fishermen based out of Kona, and many of the designs of lures developed on the Kona Coast still in use today. In addition to lure fishing, live bait techniques are also used by the large fleet of fishing boats operating out of the harbors on Oahu and the Big Island.

Fishing is a pastime in Hawaii, dating back to the earliest arrivals to the islands. Spending a day at sea is an activity that is great for experienced fisherman and beginners alike. Choices of fishing charters include private charters or shared boat, available in full-day or half-day trips.

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