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Big Game Fish in Hawaii

Way out in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean live some of the biggest fish in the world. With plenty of room to grow, plenty of food, and a habitat that is conducive for migration, big game fish have everything that they need to grow and grow, often to record sizes. These fish live for many years, and play a vital role in the delicate ecosystem of the ocean. For the Hawaiian Islands, big game fishing has long been a source of food for residents, and fishing in Hawaii dates back to the island’s earliest arrivals.

Many different species of fish are found in the waters off Hawaii’s coast, and these fish are found here for a reason. The tropical waters are on the migration routes between the mainland USA and Hawaii, and everything from Humpback Whales to Mahi Mahi spend their time in Hawaii. For the fish that are recognized as big game fish, their importance to Hawaii cannot be understated. Not only do they help to keep the waters thriving, they provide a sustainable food source for local fish markets and restaurants. Keeping the oceans healthy is always a top priority and local fishing boats go to great measure to ensure the oceans and its inhabitants are cared for.

Responsible fishing is so vital to Hawaii, and with locally owned fishing boats sourcing food in a sustainable manner, fresh fish is provided to the islands each and every day. The economic impact of fishing is helped by local fishing as fish markets purchase the day’s catch from the boats, and in turn, sell the fish to local grocers and restaurants, reaching the consumer quickly, and helping to nourish the residents of the islands.

Of all the fish that are found in Hawaii, the most commonly caught are:

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Marlin
  • Swordfish
  • Opah (Moonfish)
  • Yellowfin Tuna

Though these are not the only fish that are caught in Hawaii, they tend to be the most high profile, and are widely found on in the waters off all islands. Some are more common than other, but all are a big part of the ocean and its ability to thrive.

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