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Big Game Sport Fishing in Hawaii – Blue Marlin

Of all of the fish in the ocean that are considered big game fish, the blue marlin might be the top prize. If you think about the fish that you’ve seen hanging on a wall in a restaurant or game room, it is likely the marlin. Growing to incredible size, the marlin is a powerful fish that takes a ton of effort to reel in, and just the site of one will drop your jaw. Their coloring is stunning and their features are striking, and if you are lucky enough to catch one on a Deep Sea Fishing Adventure in Hawaii, you have the chance to set a record.

The largest marlin ever caught in Hawaii came in at over 1,800 pounds, caught off the coast of Oahu, and the record still stands. The marlin is a great source of protein, and though they are found throughout the world, Hawaii has long been the central location for marlin fishing in the Pacific. The Kona Coast is one of the top locations for marling fishing, and with a plentiful food supply and plenty of room to grow, they are able to grow to incredible sizes.

Marlin fishing is so popular in Hawaii that many methods that are used around the world originated right here in Hawaii. Local fishing boats have developed these methods and Hawaii is credited with the creation of lure trolling, one of the most used methods of fishing for this behemoth of a fish. Due to their size and strength, it can take hours to tire one out and reel it in, so having the perfect fishing techniques is vital.

Fishing is a very important aspect of life in Hawaii, and it has been since the first ocean voyagers arrived here over 1,000 years ago. Providing food to the islands, Hawaiians take great pride in sustainable fishing practices that keep the oceans stocked with fish and keep the ocean’s healthy. You will learn all about the importance of fishing to the Hawaii Islands during a day out at sea, and if you hook a fish, no matter what kind, your day will be that much better. Big game sport fishing in Hawaii is always a great time and will be one of the your most favorite activities that you take part in during your visit to the islands.

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