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Biggest Fish Caught in Hawaii

At any moment on the open seas, you are bound to come across a record setting fish that will make you the envy of every fishing boat in the harbor. Throughout the years, locally owned and operated fishing boats have returned from a day of fishing with a fish that breaks the scale or sets the record for the longest ever caught. Because these catches are not an everyday occurrence, these fish cause great excitement and garner a great deal of attention.

It might not be that surprising that some of the largest fish on record have been caught in Hawaii. Large regions of ocean off of the coast of Oahu and the Big Island are the perfect place for fish to grow to jaw dropping sizes and the entire area is teeming with huge fish that local fishing boats have been in search of for years. Battles with these massive fish can go on for hours, and when the fish is finally brought on board, it is a celebration for everyone involved. And when you pull back into the harbor with a massive catch, everyone nearby is drawn to the gigantic fish that is coming in. A record catch doesn't come along everyday, so when it happens, excitement overtakes everyone.

Records are kept for Hawaiian records and world records, and there are some records that are so close to being world records that it is almost unbelievable. In 2015, a Hawaiian record Blue Marlin was caught off the coast of Kona on the Big Island. Referred to as the “Shaquille O’Neal of blue marlins”, the fish was was eight pounds short of the world record, weighing in at 1,368 pounds, and was estimated to be between 18-26 years old. Historically speaking, it was the eighth largest marlin ever caught, and was a rare catch due to its size, with most marlins in the 300-400 pound range.

Over the years, Hawaiian records have been set by many boats that head out for a day of fishing, and the captain, crew, and passengers on board end up as part of history. Of the fish that are commonly caught during fishing charters, records include:

  • Yellowfin Tuna – 325 lbs
  • Skipjack Tuna  - 40 lbs 8 oz
  • Swordfish – 503 lbs
  • Mahi Mahi – 82 lbs

Just knowing that there are fish this large out in the ocean is an amazing thought, and on any fishing charter, a new Hawaiian record or world record could be set. Fishing is an important part of life in Hawaii and its importance to the islands cannot be understated. A day at sea is an incredible experience, and the chance to be part of something special should not be missed.

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