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Fishing in Hawaii – Blue Marlin

Think about the trophy fish that you’ve seen hanging on the walls of friends, or in television shows. What’s the first one that comes to mind? There’s a good chance that it is the Blue Marlin, though it may not be easily known that it is the marlin that you’re looking at. The sleek blue body, long pointed nose, and big dorsal fin are iconic, and if the marlin that is mounted on the wall is a replica, it still has the same presence and look to it.

The blue marlin is an iconic fish that is found in the waters around Hawaii and all over the world. The waters of Hawaii have long been a central location for blue marlin fishing in the Pacific, and some of the largest catches ever have been reeled in by locally owned fishing boats. Of all Hawaiian Islands, the Big Island’s Kona Coast is the top spot for catching Marlin, and in these waters, the fish grow to impressive sizes.

In Hawaiian, the name for the marlin is A’u, and these fish can grow to be 1,600 pounds, or more, providing an excellent source of lean protein. Nutritious and delicious, Marlin is a great part of a main course, and a fresh marlin steak is unlike anything you’ve every tasted. Typically, fishing boats catch Marlin in the 300lb range, and with their impressive strength and stamina, can take hours to reel in.

Hawaii has always been a central part of marlin fishing, and is so integral to the history of fishing, that local fishermen have developed many of the techniques that are in use around the world. In fact, Hawaii is considered to be the birthplace of lure trolling, and many of the designs of lures have originated on the Kona Coast.

Though it is very hard to prove, and is more of an opinion than known fact, Hawaii is considered to be the best place to catch marlin in the world, with many record catches coming from Hawaiian waters. In fact the largest marlin ever caught on rod and reel was caught off of the coast of Oahu, weighing in at 1,805 pounds! Those fish are quite rare, but the site of one that large will leave you in awe.

Fishing is one of the oldest sports in Hawaii, and though it is somewhat of a recreational activity today, fishing dates all the way back to Ancient Hawaii and the earliest arrivals to the islands. A day at sea is an incredible activity, and there is no experience necessary to head out with a local fishing charter.

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