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Booking a Full-Day Hawaii Fishing Charter

If you wanted the best opportunity to catch the biggest fish in the ocean, where would you go? In order for the fish to get as big as they possibly can, they need plenty of room to grow and a reliable food source. They also need ideal ocean conditions and few predators around, ensuring that they can grow for many years without competition or threats. While there are quite a few place that fish can grow, in the waters off of the Hawaiian waters, the most ideal conditions exist, and a perfect storm of everything that fish need is plentiful.

Fishing has been an important part of the way of life in Hawaii since the earliest arrivals to the islands. The ocean has always provided for Hawaiians, and even today, fishing remains vital to life in Hawaii. Today’s methods are a bit different than the first settlers to Hawaii, though this is an advantage and even novice fishermen have the opportunity to reel in a big fish. And the biggest fish are found in the deepest waters, reachable on any full-day Hawaii fishing charter.

When considering a fishing charter for your vacation, there are always two options: full day and half-day. There really is no going wrong with either, if all you are looking for is time on the water and the chance to catch a fish. A half-day charter takes you to deeper channels where great fish like mahi mahi and smaller tuna are found, and return to the harbor after 4-6 hours, leaving plenty of time for the rest of the day.

Now, if you are looking for an experience and a great story, heading out to the deep sea where the big fish are is the way to go. Full day fishing charters head to these deep waters, spending 6-8 hours on the ocean, reaching depths that are hard to fathom, but giving you the chance to hook a fish that is worthy of being mounted on your wall. In the deepest waters, blue marlin, swordfish, and larger species of tuna are found, and if you hook one of these prize fish, you will be in for quite the battle. Full day charters are a long expedition, spending an entire day fishing and searching for your catch will likely be your only activity, though it is well worth it. The experience is great, and if you are fortunate enough to reel in that prized catch, your entire vacation will be made.

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