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Catch of the Day - Swordfish

In the warm, tropical waters off of the coast of Hawaii, you will find plenty of different species of fish. From teeny tiny to massive, every shape, color, and size is found, and even the most experienced fisherman is still impressed at what is found in the waters of Hawaii.

 Among the richest waters in the world, Hawaiian waters produce an a large distribution of the world’s seafood, with everything from Mahi Mahi to Opah caught near Hawaii. And of all the fish caught off of the island’s coasts, Swordfish is the most impressive of all. Hawaii is a major source of Swordfish distribution, supplying the United States and much of the world with the fish, and Hawaii is one of the best places to dine on the freshest catch.

Ranging is size from 10lbs to 600lbs, the Swordfish is an intimidating presence, and not the easiest of fish to reel in. The sheer size is enough to make you think twice about attempting to reel one in once on a line, and the stamina and strength that comes along with the fish can make battles last for hours.

Known as Broadbills in some countries, the peak season for catching Swordfish is from January to May, though the fish is caught year round. During this period, a majority of the fish caught are used to supply restaurants and grocery stores with the fresh and frozen fish, used as a main course is some of the top eateries in the world. Though not exclusively caught in Hawaii, the islands are a leader in Swordfishing.

The Swordfish is actually very impressive, even if not being reeled in during a fishing expedition. It is considered one of the fastest fish in the sea, reaching speeds of nearly 60mph, and commonly spends its days at depths of around 1,800 feet. Swordfish have even been know to dive to nearly 10,000 feet!

Spotting a Swordfish is somewhat common on a fishing charter, and even if you are not lucky enough to reel one in, just the site will give you a story to tell. And if you do get the chance to reel one in, get ready for a battle of the ages.

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