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Choosing the Details of Your Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Charter

For your upcoming Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Charter, there are a few details that you will need to select. Not only will you need to choose the charter that you will be joining, you will need to make the tough choices of the duration of the charter, and whether or not you will be heading out to sea alone, or on a shared group. All of these decisions go into shaping your outing and determine the fish that you will be after during your charter.

There are two choices for the duration of your fishing charter and the length of time at sea is the deciding factor in how deep of water you will be able to reach.

Full-Day Fishing Charter
On a full day charter, the boat heads out to the deepest water so that you have the best opportunity to catch the big fish. Out in the deep waters, Marlin, tuna, and Swordfish are found, and these are the catches that serious fishermen are after. Total duration is between 8-10 hours, depending on the charter that you select.

Half-Day Fishing Charter
A half-day fishing charter doesn’t last long enough to get out to the deepest waters, so the boat stays in the moderately deep water where fish like Mahi Mahi and small tuna are found. These fish are some of the most common in Hawaii and are a highly sought after catch, due to their diversity in a number of Hawaiian dishes. Half-day charters last between 4-8 hours depending on the charter that you choose, and allow plenty of time for a return to land and a great evening out in Hawaii.

Private Fishing Charter
This is the best option for having full control of your day. Combined with a full-day charter, you have all the time in the world to get out to the deepest waters, and chase the giant fish. A private charter simply means that you are reserving the entire boat, and have full control of the day at sea. Most charters allow 6-10 additional passengers on board, so you are able to bring your fellow travelers with you.

Semi-Private Fishing Charter
This kind of charter is a shared adventure with others, and you will be reserving seats on a boat that is heading out for either a full-day or half-day. Though you will not have an entire boat to yourself, you have the advantage of joining others on the boat and the potential for a fun day with fellow travelers and new friends.

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