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Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii – Choosing Your Day

We can confidently state that when you head out for a day of deep-sea fishing in Hawaii, you cannot predict the day, and aside from knowing that you are going fishing, the day is all up in the air. Where you fish is dependent on ocean conditions, the time of year, and where fish have been spotted, and though there is no guarantee that you will catch a fish, the expert fishermen on board do everything that they can to find fish, and once you have hooked one, be ready for a long and tiring battle.

When you are shopping for your charter and making those tough choices on the perfect day of fishing for you and your party, there are a couple of things to consider.

Private Charter or Semi-Private Charter
Understanding this is the first decision that you need to make. Private charters are exclusive to your party, with most fishing boats allowing up to 6-8 total passengers. No matter the number that you bring, even if it is only you and a friend, the boat will be entirely yours and you will have full control of the day. On a semi-private charter, you will be sharing with others that have chosen the same fishing expedition. Semi-private charters are a great option for saving some money, since you are really just reserving the number of seats that you need on the boat, though you will have far less control of where you go fishing. The captain may ask what you’d like to catch, and on a semi-private charter, majority rules.

Full-day or Half-day
The next decision to make is the duration of your day at sea. Full day charters last 8-10 hours, reaching the deeper waters where the bigger fish are found. During these longer expeditions, it is more likely to find marlin or swordfish, and when you combine it with a private charter, you will have the best chance possible to hook one of these behemoths. On a half-day fishing expedition, the boat simply does not have time to reach the deep waters, so the 4-6 hours spent fishing are down in shallower water, like the channels between islands. In these waters, species of tuna, Mahi Mahi, and smaller tropical fish are found.

Even if you are not an avid fishermen, a deep-sea fishing charter in Hawaii is a great option for your vacation. Half-day charters are great for those with evening plans, and for those who are looking for the biggest fish in the sea, take a full-day to fish for those that are considered the trophy fish of the Pacific.

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