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Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventures - Making the Tough Choices

As you prepare to book your deep sea fishing adventure in Hawaii, you’re going to be looking at some choices that you may have questions about. There is more to booking a charter than simply hitting “book now” and getting ready for your day at sea. These charters are hosted by local fishing boats, and depending on what you choose is what they boats will be fishing for that day.

We receive many questions about the specifics of the charters, and unless you know what everything means, and have an idea of what you are looking for, it can become quite confusing, and at times overwhelming. Having even a basic understanding of what to book is a great start, and once you’ve made the choices, you can really get set for your deep sea fishing adventure.

Private Deep Sea Fishing Charter
There are two options for every charter, and is one of the required choices that you will need to make. A private fishing charter means that you are reserving the entire boat for you and your party. Most boats have room for 6-8 guests, so keep that in mind. If there are more in your party, it becomes more cost effective to book the whole boat, and a private charter gives you more flexibility on the day. If the captain asks for your input on what you want to fish for, the choice is yours and yours alone.

Semi-Private Deep Sea Fishing Charter
On a semi-private charter, you are reserving a set number of spots on a boat, and will be sharing the boat with others who have booked on the same day. Think of it like booking a sightseeing tour, where you are joining other travelers on the same adventure. There is still plenty of fun to be had, and fish to catch; you will just not have the same control over the day.

Full-Day Deep Sea Fishing Charter
Each private or semi-private charter is also broken down into full-day or half-day fishing adventures. For the casual fishermen, a half-day might be enough, whereas the outdoorsman might be more inclined to go for the full-day charter. A full-day charter is 10-12 hours, and heads out to deeper waters because there is more time for travel, and getting out to there is possible. Out in the deep waters is where the big game fish are found, including marlin and swordfish.

Half-Day Deep Sea Fishing Charter
A half-day charter is a great option if you want to get back to land for the evening, whether you have dinner plans or a luau to attend. Taking 6-8 hours, a half-day charter might be plenty if you’re only looking to get out on the open ocean and enjoy fishing for mahi mahi, tuna, or smaller fish that are frequently encountered.

Make the choice or private or semi-private, and full-day or half-day is most of the work that you will have to do before you head out to sea. There are benefits to each, and no matter what you choose, the fish are still biting, so you’ll have a great opportunity to reel one in.

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