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Deep Sea Fishing FAQs

We get many questions about the specifics of deep sea fishing charters, with questions ranging from the duration of the day to what happens to the catch. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Tours, and what you need to know before hitting the high seas.

How big is the boat?
Each charter is different, but typical boats are about 50 feet long. Some are longer, and some shorter.

Does the boat have an inside area?
Yes, each of our charters offers an indoor area to get away from the sun. When out at sea, you’ll need an area to get some shade, and escape the heat. Some charters even offer a bed to catch a nap!

Do we need to bring anything?
Any food or drinks that you want will need to be brought on board in a cooler. No food is provided, but some charters offer drinks, including water. Be sure to bring plenty and remember to hydrate!

Do we get to keep what we catch?
If you are lucky enough to catch anything, yes, you will get to keep something. Each boat is different and has its own rules to divvy up the catch. Remember, the catch is sold to local markets and is how these boats operate their businesses.

Is sunscreen provided?
Please bring your own, and be sure to apply plenty. Aside from the interior of the boat, there is no escape from the sun. Apply regularly.

What is the difference between Private and Semi-Private Charter?
Private charter simply means you are reserving the entire boat for your party. You will be the only group on board and can bring as many as you’d like, up to the max permitted by the Captain. A Semi-Private Charter means you are sharing the boat with others and the total in the two groups must be under the max allowed by the boat.

What kinds of fish will we be catching?
Each day is different and difficult to predict, so saying what you will catch is nearly impossible. The Hawaiian waters are thriving and filled with different species, including Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Swordfish, and Tuna.

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