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Fishing in Hawaii – Different Fish to Catch

While out at sea on a big fishing adventure, there are a variety of different species of fish that you may encounter. The Pacific Ocean is one of the most populated bodies of water in the world, and Hawaiian waters are home to some of the ocean’s biggest fish, many of which are in high demand at local fish markets. The fish that are caught on a Deep Sea Fishing Adventure are the same kinds of fish that have been caught in Hawaii for hundreds of years and are among the tastiest fish you will ever eat.

While there are many different fish to catch in Hawaii, while fishing on a deep sea fishing charter, there are a handful that are caught, and depending on the day, you’ll be out to catch any of the following:

Mahi Mahi – This is one of the most commonly caught fish in Hawaiian waters. Used in a variety of dishes, the firm white meat is quite diverse and lends itself well to dishes like fish tacos or as the star of a dinner entrée. The Mahi Mahi is incredibly beautiful and is distinguished by the brilliant colors. 

Yellowfin Tuna – When you are looking for a fish that is closely associated with Hawaii, the Yellowfin might be it. Used in Poke, the Yellowfin enjoys a large population in Hawaiian waters and after a battle, will be a prized catch for your trip.

Marlin – Anyone who fishes is out for that career defining catch; the one to mount on a wall and enjoy for years to come. The Marlin is that catch, and though not caught everyday, is a fish that will give a great story to tell. Marlin grow to massive sizes in Hawaii thanks to an abundant food source and deep waters, and if you are lucky enough to hook one, get ready for a battle.

Swordfish – Found in the deepest waters of Hawaii’s coast, the Swordfish is similar to the Marlin in that it is not caught everyday, but when it is, it is quite the experience. Hooking a swordfish means a great battle is ahead, and getting it on board will be tough, but keep at it, and when you finally reel it in, be sure to step back and admire the beauty and size of this huge fish.

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