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Fishing in Hawaii – Finding the Mahi Mahi

While out fishing in Hawaii, fishing boats encounter a variety of prized fish, and any of these fish make for a great catch and a worthwhile day. Swimming freely all around the Hawaiian Islands, these fish have long been a sustainable source of food for residents of the islands, and the thrill that you will have if you are able to bring one on board cannot be beat. Deep-sea fishing is vital to the islands, and during your trip, you can head out to sea in search of any number of fish.

One of the most sought after fish that local boats are looking for is the Mahi Mahi. The Mahi Mahi is a very unique looking fish, and you may already be familiar with its texture, flavor, and variety of uses, from fish tacos to a lightly seared filet, the Mahi is one of the most versatile fish for cooking.

The male is easily identified by their flat face and single dorsal fin that runs the length of its back; creating one of the more unique looking fish you will ever see. The Mahi Mahi is found all over the world in tropical and subtropical waters, and is quite popular throughout the world. Hawaiians have used the fish since the earliest days of settlement of the islands and that has not changed. The name of the fish even comes from Hawaii, with “mahi” translating to “very strong” in the Hawaiian language, and after reeling one in, you will see where the name comes from.

The Mahi Mahi is also commonly known as the dolphin fish, though it is not a dolphin, a common misconception. These fish are a prized catch for sport fisherman, with their size being the biggest reason, generally growing to 33-40 pounds at their peak maturity. Fish grow to between 4-5 feet in length, and their beauty is astounding. Their colorful scales are a stunning mix of green, yellow, and blues, graduating from their dorsal fin to their belly.

Local fishing boats, the captains, and the crew are experts in navigating Hawaiian waters, and know just where to find the stunning Mahi Mahi. The chance to see the beautiful Mahi Mahi, and catch one, shouldn’t be missed, and will be a highlight of your vacation. Fishing Charters are a great activity for any trip to Hawaii and are available in private and semi-private charters, spending either an entire day at sea or a half-day. There is nothing that connects you with Hawaii like fishing, so take advantage of this incredible opportunity and book a fishing charter during your Hawaiian vacation!

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