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Fish to Encounter on a Hawaii Fishing Charter

Out at sea, there is a feeling of serenity and peace, with the only thing around being the stunning waters of the Pacific Ocean. A day on a local fishing charter will be one of the most memorable events during your trip to the islands, and if you are lucky enough to catch a prized fish, you’ll be on cloud nine. The rush of adrenaline after hauling in a tropical fish is incredible, and knowing that you are helping to contribute to the islands well-being is a sense of pride.

While out at sea, there are a number of fish that you are likely to encounter, and have the chance to catch. Though you are not likely to see or catch all of them, the Captain and Crew know right where to go to find the desired fish, and you may see at least one of them.

There are a handful of common fish that are caught on a Hawaii Fishing Charter, each impressive in its own right, and each readily found in Hawaiian waters.

Mahi Mahi
This odd looking fish is perhaps the most beautiful, with a flat face and beautiful coloring that will take your breath away. These are the smallest of the fish that are commonly caught on a fishing charter, but their size does not reflect their strength.

The prize of the prize, found on walls around the country and a trophy that experienced fishermen strive for. These fish grow to massive sizes, and the record catch in Hawaii approaches 2,000 pounds! Even the smaller Marlin that are caught are in the 300-600 pound range, and will fight for hours.

Ahi Tuna
The fish known by a few names, Ahi is a common fish found in Hawaii, and one of the most important to the islands. Their meat is used in many favorite dishes in local restaurants, and is highly sought after. Beautiful in their own right, catching a tuna is of great importance to Hawaii.

Similar to the Marlin in size and tenacity, the swordfish is a prized catch. Found all around the islands, catching a swordfish will be quite the chore, and will leave you exhausted, with a sense of accomplishment.

Head out to sea on a Hawaii Fishing Charter, where your chances of catching one of these incredible fish is high. There is nothing quite like a day at sea, and you’re in for quite the battle. Which fish are you looking forward to catching?

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