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What to Bring On Your Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Heading out to a day at sea during your visit to Hawaii is the best way to unplug from the world and enjoy a bit of freedom. Out on the open ocean, the only surrounding is the water, and when you’re away from the everyday necessities we are accustomed to, things can be a bit intimidating. Charter boats are quite nice, with some featuring an indoor area, and at the very least, a covered are to escape from the sun. One of the first questions that we get when getting a charter going is “can we bring anything on board?”

Because you are joining a fishing charter that is heading out to sea for a days work, there aren’t any refreshments provided. However, in most cases, you are able to bring the necessities on board. The term necessities can be used quite loosely, so understanding what is needed and what can be left at the hotel is important.

As with any activity, water is probably the most important thing you can bring. Be sure to bring plenty of water for everyone that is joining you, and be sure to stay hydrated. Sports drinks are a good idea too, though water is always preferred.

You are also encouraged to bring any food you may want through the day. There is nowhere to stop out on the ocean, so pack accordingly. There are grocery stores throughout Waikiki for you to pick up supplies. These necessary supplies will include plenty of sunblock, motion sickness medicine (take as directed), a hat, sunglasses, a light jacket or long sleeve shirt, a small towel, and of course your food and drinks for the day. The captain and crew may recommend additional items prior to your trip.

The most important thing to bring is a camera or cell phone. Sure, your phone will not be able to call or text message out at sea, but you are going to want to take plenty of pictures to remember your day. The beauty of the open ocean cannot be described, and the fun that takes place on board will be memories you want to capture.

Be sure to check with the captain prior to your Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventure. You will want to make sure you have everything on your list and are ready to go for your big adventure. This will be a very exciting experience from your trip to Hawaii.

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