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Fishing Charters in Hawaii

Way out in the open ocean, a variety of fish species make their homes, swimmingly freely over hundreds of miles of ocean, and helping to create a vital ecosystem for the world. With the Hawaiian Islands located so far from any main area of land, residents of Hawaii have long relied on the ocean as a source of food. And that has not changed as the years have gone by.

Fishing Charters in Hawaii allow visitors to head out to the open ocean for the chance to catch one of the many species of fish that the islands rely on, joining a locally owned fishing boat for a day at sea. The Captain and Crew head out early each morning in search of the day’s catch, which is then sold to local fish markets, and supplied to grocers and restaurants throughout the islands.

There is a special feeling out at sea, knowing that the islands are many miles away, and the opportunity to reel in a prized catch is potentially just minutes away. Many record fish have been caught out at sea, and in these tropical waters, fish have a reliable food source and plenty of room to grow, creating a perfect environment to grow into record sizes.

Fishing is a very important past time in Hawaii, and the food that comes from the ocean is a huge part of Hawaiian cuisine. Many of the most popular and best dishes are prepared with locally caught fish, recipes handed down through generations and shared with friends, families, and visitors to the islands.

Of the fish that are commonly caught on fishing charters, the most commonly encountered are:

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Marlin
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Swordfish
  • Moonfish (Opah)

Any fish that is caught on a fishing charter is portioned out for all guests on board, and the remainder is sold to fish markets. This ensures that all guests have a share of their catch to prepare their own meal, the islands are provided with locally sourced fish, and the Captain and Crew of the boat will be able to provide for their families, and fish another day.

Fishing charters in Hawaii are so much fun and a great experience for everyone. If you are lucky enough to catch a fish, be ready for a battle, and a great story to tell. Fishing is vital to Hawaii, and helping to provide for the islands will give you a great story to tell back home.

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