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Fishing Charters in Hawaii

Just miles off the coast of the Hawaii Islands, where the water is deep and mysterious, is some of the best fishing in the world. The weather out here is usually perfect, often rainy, and the fish are always biting. Out in these waters, Hawaii’s fishing boats are in search of the days catch, a sustainable food source for the islands, and a great option for a thrilling activity while vacationing in Hawaii.

Fishing has always been an important way of life to the islands, and reaches all the way back to ancient Hawaii, when the earliest inhabitants would head out to catch fish for their families. In those days, outrigger canoes, fishing nets, and makeshift fishing lines were the choice, and while methods have changed, the importance remains the same.

A day at sea isn’t reserved only for fishing boats and local business, however, and Hawaii Fishing Charters are available to visitors to all islands, with multiple options to choose from full day and half-day options, heading out to sea for the length of time that the guests on board see fit. The biggest fish are found in the deep waters, which require a full day of fishing, while the half-day choice allows for plenty of different option following the time at sea.

The next choice of a fishing charter is determining whether the entire boat is reserved, or the charter will be shared with fellow fishing enthusiasts. These choice are not always easy to make, and may require further explanation.

Private Charters
Private fishing charters are reserved by a single party, and can be made for up to a set number of guests. Essentially, the entire boat is rented out and, aside from the captain; the group dictates how the day will go. Most charters have room for up to 6 guests, so if the group is that size or smaller, you are able to bring whomever you want, with no additional costs. The captain may offer options on where to go, and which fish are biting, giving you control of what you are in search of for that day. On a Full-Day Private Fishing Charter, the time spent at sea will allow you to reach the deepest waters, and hopefully hook that prized catch that you are after.

Semi-Private Charters
Just like a private fishing tour, semi-private charters have limits on the number of fishermen on board, though the boat will be shared with others who will also be fishing on the same day. The captain will likely be calling the shots on a Semi-private charter, and offer a vote as to where you will be fishing. These are a fun option for couples or small groups who are looking to go fishing, or just enjoy a day at sea. Depending on the length of the charter, semi-private charters still go out to the same depths as private charters, so the chance to reel in a fish is the same. The day will be shared with others, so you may make some new friends out at sea!

Fishing is a great experience, and will be a unique adventure that few visitors take advantage of. The open ocean is a beautiful and peaceful place, and once you’re out to sea and spot your catch, your Hawaii Fishing Charter will easily be the best activity of your trip.

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