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Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Charters – Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions when it comes to booking a Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Charter. With a big activity like this, it is important to know the specifics of the activity and have a good idea of what to expect, what the day includes, and some of the important details for the excursion. Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Charters are so much fun, and take you out onto the wide open Pacific Ocean. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you prepare for this fun-filled adventure.

How many people fit on the boat?
It really depends on the charter that you choose, but most fit between 8-10 passengers, plus the captain and crew. The length of each boat is anywhere from 35 feet to 50 feet, and it just depends on which charter you’ve selected.

Does the boat have a covered area?
Yes, the boats do offer a covered area, and the exact specifications of each just depend on the boat. Some offer a covered area with overhead protection while others offer a full inside area with a place to relax, and perhaps even a bedroom.

What can we bring on board the boat?
You will need to bring food for the day, and plenty of water, plus anything else you will want. Sunblock, a hat, long sleeve shirt, a light jacket, and sunglasses are all recommended. It is very important to bring plenty of water, sports drinks, and anything to keep you hydrated.

Do we get to keep what we catch?
Yes, you will get a portion of the catch. In the event that you do reel one in, the captain will portion it out as set by the rules of the boat. Each boat is different and portions out differently.

What is the difference between Private and Semi-Private Charter?
There are two choices for booking your Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Charter. A private charter means that you are reserving the entire boat, and can fill bring as many passengers as the boat allows, or as few. You can even go alone with only the captain and crew. A semi-private charter means that you are reserving only the number of seats that you pay for, and will be joined by fellow fishermen. We've seen a lot of new friendships formed on a semi-private charter.

How long are we at sea?
This is the other choice that you will need to make. A full-day charter takes you out to sea for 8-10 hours, reaching the deepest waters where the biggest fish are found. A half-day charter’s duration is 4-6 hours, and stays in the shallower waters, typically in the channels between the islands, and returns in the early afternoon. These fish are typically smaller, though still well worth heading out to sea.

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