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Fishing in Hawaii: Yellowfin Tuna

Think of fishing in Hawaii, and the most common fish that comes to mind is likely the Yellowfin Tuna. The fish is native to these waters and has long been a favorite for Hawaiian fishing boats, and restaurants around the island. You’ll be hard pressed to find a local that doesn't love fresh Ahi, and some of the best dishes in Hawaii are served with an Ahi steak or the freshest sushi you’ll ever find.

The name can be quite confusing, referred to as both Yellowfin and Ahi, though there is no difference, other than Ahi being the Hawaiian name for Yellowfin. It’s the same fish, and no matter what you call it, it is delicious. The meat is commonly served raw, as in Poke, lightly seared, as in a sushi role, or cooked thoroughly as a main course. The firm texture, high nutrients, and stunning color has helped to make Ahi a preferred fish throughout the islands, and has spread to the entire world.

While out at sea on a fishing charter, the size of tuna can range from 3-200 lbs, though the big fish are the fish that boats are looking for. Small fish are often returned to the sea, living out their life in the open ocean. The biggest fish are caught in the deepest parts of the ocean, where the food sources are dependable and there is plenty of room to roam and grow. Reeling one in is quite the task, as the strength and stamina present a big challenge, but once you reel one in, you will be amazed at how strikingly beautiful the fish is, and the pictures from your Hawaii Fishing Charter will give you bragging rights once you return home.

Despite the popularity and common use of Yellowfin in Hawaiian cuisine, the fishing practices are sustainable and there is no threat to the species. The abundance of the fish, safe fishing practices, and high reproduction rates all help to keep the population healthy and the fish thrive in their natural environment. Hawaiians hold Yellowfin in high regard, and because the fish enjoys a longer peak season of fishing, it can be enjoyed year round.

A Hawaii Fishing Charter is sure to be quite the adventure, heading out to the open ocean for a day of cruising the high seas and fishing for the day’s catch. While out at sea, you may encounter many different types of fish, and the possibility for reeling one is sure to create a lot of excitement and anticipation. The Captain and Crew know just where to go to find the most sought after fish, and once the battle starts, you are in for what is sure to be the biggest challenge of your trip.

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