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Fishing in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands have always been dependent on fishing to provide a food source to residents of the island. From the moment the islands were first inhabited, fishing has been a way of life, and even though there are means to providing food, fishing continues to play a large role.

Though the methods have changed, catching fish is still the same at its core. As any good fisherman will tell you, patience is key. Whether you're fishing from the sand, or out on a chartered fishing boat, there is never any guarantee and long days can turn even longer if nothing is caught. But Hawaiian waters are ripe with fish, and catching something is typical of a day at sea.

Deep sea fishing has grown in popularity over the years, and the availability of fishing boats has helped to provide fish to the islands. Local restaurants, fish markets, and households all depend on fishing boats to head out to sea everyday, and bring back a prized catch that will help to feed and nourish the residents of the islands.

Fishing charters are available to visitors to the islands, allowing the chance to get out and catch a prized fish. Many of the largest fish every caught have been reeled in in the waters off the Hawaiian coast, on boats just like the charters found in harbors on each island. Full-day fishing charters are long enough to get to the deep waters where the big fish are found, and the chance to even see a giant increases greatly.

Shorter fishing charters are also available, though the less time spent on the water means it’s less likely to catch the tropical fish that Hawaii is famous for. The experience of helping to reel in a marlin, mahi mahi, or tuna is incredible, and these fish are found in deeper waters, meaning a full-day fishing excursion is necessary to find these species of fish.

Fishing in Hawaii is among the best in the world, where warm waters, deep ocean floors, and an abundance of food give fish all they need to thrive. Sustainable fishing is always going to be part of the Hawaiian way of life, and fishing charters work tirelessly to help to provide food to the islands.

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