big island fishing

Fishing in Hawaii

The waters off of the coast of Hawaii are among the worlds most important for deep sea fishing, providing a reliable food source to the most isolated islands on Earth. Additionally, the waters provide researchers a place to gather valuable information, helping to better understanding the mysteries of the ocean, as these waters are home to a variety of fish species that play a vital role in the ecology of the ocean. Just part of that ecology is the giant fish that provide food for not only the Hawaiian Islands, but also the entire world!

Fishing is an integral part of the local economy, with locally owned businesses operating out of the harbors on all Hawaiian Islands. These boats bring in fresh fish to local markets everyday, which then supply the locally sourced fish to local restaurants and grocery stores, giving locals the nourishment needed to survive. Since the earliest arrivals to Hawaii, the ocean has provided a reliable source of food that locals need.

The same species of fish have been caught in Hawaii for hundreds of years, and are some of the most delicious and versatile fish available. Mahi Mahi, Marlin, Swordfish, and Tuna are the big game fish that make their homes in the warm Hawaiian waters, and locals and restaurants use fresh fish in an assortment of dishes that have become closely associated with Hawaii. Hawaii certainly wouldn’t be the same without Poke, and it is tall hanks to local fishing boats that these dishes are part of the Hawaiian cuisine.

During a visit to Hawaii, visitors can make a day at sea on a fishing boat, searching for the catch of the day. Full-day or half-day fishing charters are available on all islands and just by heading out, you chance to reel in a prized fish. The captains of these boats are experts of know exactly where to go to find the best fish, giving you the chance to reel in the big one.

Private and Semi-private charters are available, heading out to the best fishing spots off Hawaii’s coast, into the open ocean where these fish thrive.. Private Charters ensure that there is nobody else on board, where Semi-Private Charters are a shared boat with fellow fishermen who are also looking to claim the day’s catch. The site of a giant fish is something that shouldn't be missed, and actually catching one of these big game fish is a thrill that makes a deep sea fishing charter the highlight of a trip to Hawaii.

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