big island fishing

Head Out to Sea on a Full-Day Fishing Adventure

The open ocean is calling, ready for a day of fun and adventure during your trip to Hawaii. There is no better place to really experience the best that Hawaii has to offer, and on a full-day fishing adventure, your experience will be second to none. Not only will you be out at sea on a locally owned fishing boat, you’ll have the chance to catch some of the most sought after fish in Hawaiian waters. This is one adventure that you do not want to miss out on.

Fishing boats depart daily for the deepest waters, located more than 10 miles off the coast of each of the Hawaiian Islands. Before the sun rises, boats head out to sea for the day to find the biggest fish in the ocean, hoping to reel one in and bring back to shore. A full-day fishing adventure puts visitors on board one of the top fishing boats in Hawaii, with an expert captain and crew that will show you the ropes, and are ready to help you bring in that big catch.

The Captain is an expert of Hawaiian waters, and knows exactly where to go to find the most sought after fish. By departing early and heading to deep waters, your at an advantage because you can actually reach the waters with the greatest depths, meaning your in prime position to catch a big one. A full-day fishing adventure spends 8-10 hours out at sea, patrolling the dark blue waters for Marlin, Swordfish, and Tuna. In these deep waters, you’re bound to see some incredible sites and you might even see one of these giants making a leap from the water.

The best part of a full-day fishing adventure is that you don't need to have any experience or knowledge with fishing, and if you’re only looking to come along for the ride, you’ll still have a great time. Many fishermen will tell you that their best experience with the spot doesn’t even involve catching a fish; it's the company and the adventure that makes the time incredible.

How often will you be able to spend a day deep-sea fishing in Hawaii? This is truly a once in a lifetime experience and we want you to have the best time. Head out for full day fishing adventure and maximize your time on the water, increasing your chance of catching the big one. Fishing is an amazing adventure and bound to be one of the best memories from your vacation to Hawaii.

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