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Full-Day vs Half-Day Fishing Charters

If you are considering a fishing charter while visiting Hawaii, you are in for a treat. Not only is just being out on the water fun and a throwback to a traditional way of life in Hawaii, the chance to catch a prized game fish is high, and if you are lucky enough to reel one in, the day will be that much better.

While out at sea, the scenery is incredible, the cool ocean breeze is refreshing, and the captain and crew are always welcoming. And whether you choose to head out for an entire day, or a half-day, is up to you. So if you are still deciding, and need an explanation as to which is the preferred choice, we are here to help you out. We want your fishing expedition to be everything you hope for, and helping you make the choice that is right for you is very important to us.

Fishing is very dependent on the conditions of the day, and if the seas are choppy, or if the weather is acting up, any day out at sea can come to a premature end. However, most days are pristine, and a Full-Day Fishing Expedition will head out to sea for 8-10 hours. Spending this much time fishing may seem like a lot, but every minute is needed. The full-day charter allows the captain to get out to the deepest waters, where the big fish live, and this increases your chances at hooking a Marlin or Swordfish.

Some prefer the half-day charter because it returns early enough to enjoy an evening in Hawaii, or hit the beach. You will certainly be tired, so rest prior to any other activity is often needed, but a half-day at sea will be very worthwhile. This option is a 4-6 hour charter, and though it is not able to find the deepest waters, there is still plenty of opportunity to catch something. The waters that are visited are where Mahi Mahi and Tuna live, and these are still very prized all over Hawaii. In fact, these fish are sometimes preferred for their diversity, and the demand for them is high.

Choose the fishing charter that fits your day best, and will give you the experience that you want. There is no wrong choice; it all just depends on which you want to do. Some visitors want to have a full day at sea, while others are content with the half-day option and shorter time spent fishing. With either expedition, you will have a ton of fun, and create an experience you will never forget.

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