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Fun Ocean Activities on Oahu

During a visit to Hawaii, you are going to spend a lot of time either at the beach, or taking part in fun ocean activities. There is so much to do in the Pacific Ocean, and while you are visiting the islands, there is going to be a huge pull to the ocean, and spending as much time as you can in or near the water is sure to be a big priority for your vacation. No matter your interests, there is something to do and with some of the more stunningly beautiful beaches in the world, it is going to be tough to pull yourself away from the soft white sand, beautiful blue water, and endless sun shine that Hawaii is famous for.

There are plenty of fun ocean activities on Oahu, and these are just a few ideas for your upcoming trip to paradise.

DeepSea Fishing
Fishing in Hawaii is as old as the first settlers to these islands. As the most isolated chain of islands in the world, inhabitants of the islands have long relied on the ocean to provide sustainable food, and though the methods have drastically changed, fishing is still very important to Hawaii. Deep sea fishing charters are available in both private and semi-private charters, heading out to the best fishing spots off of Oahu’s coast in search of a variety of fish species.

Everyone loves to snorkel and there are many different options for this fun ocean activity. Enter the water from a catamaran or enter from the sand at Hanauma Bay, and as soon as you look under the water, you will see tropical fish, turtles, and marine life that makes their home around the islands. All ages are welcome and even the youngsters can enjoy snorkeling with flotation devices and children’s masks.

Of everything that there is to do in Hawaii, surfing might be the most authentic activity there is. The sport was invented on the waves of Waikiki Beach and you can ride the same breaks that have been ridden for hundreds of years. Boards are available to rent and you can also take a surf lesson from a local expert. Needless to say, time on a surf board is a ton of fun!

Time at the Beach
By far the best way to enjoy the ocean is to just hang out on the beach and enjoy everything about. Dig your toes into the sand, swim, snorkel, body surf, and even playing games is all you need to do during your time here.

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