big island fishing

Gone Fishing in Hawaii

The fishing industry in Hawaii has always been a vital part of the islands, helping to feed the residents of Hawaii, and offering jobs to local fishermen. Even before fishing was a job, way back in ancient Hawaii, fishing played a vital role as one of a few reliable food sources. It’s tough being isolated in the middle of the ocean, and relying on the ocean for food was a part of the everyday life in the earliest days of life in Hawaii.

Fishing in Hawaii has come a long way since the earliest settlers of the islands. Gone are the days of fishing in an outrigger canoe, with a single line or net, spending the entire day at sea. With the advent of technology and the ease of accomplishing tasks, fishing has become much easier, and much safer, with local fishing boats acting as the authority on catching fish, knowing exactly where to go and modern equipment making reeling in a huge catch far easier.

Local markets rely on local fishing boats to supply the islands with fish, caught sustainably, and delivered each and every day to the docks, which in turn are purchased by residents of the island. There is no better way to source fish, and by using sustainable methods, we ensure that the ocean continues to provide a reliable source of food for years to come.

Not only is fishing in Hawaii an important industry for food, it is also supported by tourism as well. Local fishing boats welcome visitors on board for a day of fun at sea, in the hopes of reeling in the catch of the day.  Fishing in the deep sea is so much fun, and being able to even see a prized fish is incredible. The opportunity to bring one on board is just the icing on the cake, and those who are lucky enough to catch one, are in for a tough battle.

There is nothing quite like a day out at sea. Fishing the waters off the coast of Hawaii, the only surroundings being the blue waters of the Pacific, and the chance to help provide food the islands and enjoy an incredible battle. Fishing charters depart daily and is always an enjoyable time during a visit to Hawaii.

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