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Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Questions and Answers

With an activity like Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii, there will always be questions that you need answers to. This is an activity that is a bit out of the ordinary and not a common choice for travelers, so there will always be a bit of mystery. The most commonly asked questions have nothing to do with actually fishing, so we’ve put together a list with the most popular questions about a day spent fishing at sea.

What is the size of the fishing boat?
The exact size of the boat depends on the charter that you choose. Most boats are around 50 feet long.

Is there a protected area on board?
Again, each charter is different, but most do have some sort of covered area to get away from the sun. Some feature a full indoor area with small couch or lounge, though it depends on the charter that you’ve booked.

Do we need to bring anything?
Yes, you will want to bring plenty of water, sunblock, and additional necessities like a light long sleeve shirt and a hat. You will also want to bring snacks and food because there is nothing on board to eat. Be sure to bring motion sickness medicine as well.

Do we what we catch?
If anything is caught, you will get to keep a portion of it, and the exact quantity depends on the boat. The majority of the fish is kept by the boat and later sold to local fish markets. You will get to keep plenty of what you catch, though if you are staying in a hotel, there might not be a place to keep the fish fresh.

Is sunscreen provided?
This cannot be stressed enough. There is no sunscreen (or water) provided. If you want it, be sure to bring it, especially sun protection. Apply sunblock regularly. The sun is brutal out on the open ocean.

What is the difference between Private and Semi-Private Charter?
The only difference between the two is that a Private Charter means you are reserving the entire boat, and a Semi-Private Charter means you are reserving open spaces on a boat, similar to a sightseeing tour or Hawaii activity. Private Charters allow for you or your group to enjoy a day alone, with no others on board with you, with the exception of the captain and crew.

What are the types of fish that we will catch?
Depending on the length of your deep sea fishing charter, you will head out to either the deep waters, or stay closer to land where it is moderately deep. In the deep waters, marlin, swordfish, and big tuna are found, while the more moderate waters feature smaller tuna and Mahi Mahi.

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