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Hawaii Fishing Tours

There may not be a more perfect setting to go fishing that the Hawaiian Islands. The weather is always warm, the ocean is stunning, and the fish are biting. Heading out to sea each day are locally owned fishing vessels that help to provide fresh fish to the fish markets, which in turn supply local restaurants and grocery stores. The fishing industry has always been vital to the islands, and dates all the way back to ancient Hawaii, when the earliest inhabitants of the islands would head out to catch fish for their families.

Today, the methods have changed drastically, but the importance remains. The oceans have long been the main source of food for Hawaiians, and during your trip to the islands, you can take part in a Hawaii Fishing Tour, heading out to the deep sea to catch a variety of fish.

Hawaii Fishing Tours are available as full day and half day charters, with the availability of private or semi-private charters. You may be wondering what those terms mean, so we’ll explore.

Private Charters
Private charters on Hawaii Fishing Tours are entirely private, meaning you are renting out the entire boat for you and your party. Groups like bachelor parties, family reunions, and friends hanging out typically reserve the whole boat to ensure there is enough space for everyone that will be fishing. Boats set limits on the number in each group, with 6-8 being the most common limit. For the best experience, book a private, full-day fishing tour. This will take you to the best depths for catching giant fish like marlin, tuna, and maybe even swordfish.

Semi-Private Charters
Just like a private fishing tour, semi-private charters have limits on space, and the boat will be shared with others who have reserved fishing on the same day. Semi-private charters are popular with couples or small groups who are looking to go fishing, or just enjoy a day at sea. Semi-private charters go out to the same depths as private charters, and the chance to reel in a fish is the same. You may even make some new friends on board!

Fishing is a fun experience, and will be a unique experience that many visitors miss out on. The open ocean is incredible and once you’re out to sea and spot your catch, your Hawaii Fishing Tour will easily be the best activity of your trip.

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