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Fishing in Hawaii
Fishing in Hawaii

The exposure that most visitors have to the ocean in Hawaii is entering the water from the beach, or on a snorkeling adventure. While those are perfectly fine options for enjoying the tropical ocean waters, there is another way to experience the ocean and that is fishing in Hawaii on a deep sea fishing adventure. This is the best way to really experience everything that the ocean has to offer during your trip to one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Way out in the open ocean, where the waters are deep and often very rough is where the biggest and most desirable fish are found. In the early morning hours, local fishing boats depart, in search of the day’s catch, which will be provided to local markets to sell to restaurants and grocery stores. This is where you will find the freshest fish that come out of the ocean, and if you’re an avid waterman or have never held a rod and reel, you can head out for a day of fun and adventure on the open ocean.  

For as long as there have been residents that claim Hawaii as their home, dating all the way back to the first ocean voyagers that arrive from far off destinations, fishing has been a way of life throughout Hawaii. Responsible, sustainable fishing methods are still in use, and many have actually been developed right here in Hawaii, one of the best places for deep-sea fishing in the world. There are a variety of fishes that are always in demand, and when you set out for fishing in Hawaii, you never know when one might take a bite of your bait and start an battle that could last for quite a while.

The fish that are most commonly caught while fishing in Hawaii are:

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Marlin
  • Swordfish
  • Opah (Moonfish)
  • Yellowfin Tuna

Some of these fish are more easily found than others, and no matter which fish you catch, you’ll be proud of your accomplishment. Even if you don’t catch anything while fishing in Hawaii, you’re still going to have a ton of fun and will have a great story for when you get back home. Just remember, the fish gets bigger every time you tell your tale!

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