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Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii – How to Avoid Getting Sea Sick

A day on the water in pursuit of big game fish is sure to be the highlight of your trip. Avid outdoorsman and beginners enjoy getting out onto the open ocean and waiting for the big one to be spotted, and the pursuit to start. The crew is ready and waiting with top of the line fishing gear to help guide and reel in the day’s catch.

With some of the biggest fish you've ever seen, patrolling the waters off the coast of the Hawaiian Islands, many on board are thrilled just to see one of these giant fish, leaping from the water and on the hunt for their next meal. Some are lucky enough to actually catch one, and either way, the day on the water is a ton of fun.

One of the most common mistakes made prior to getting out on the water is the failure to prevent seasickness. While some are lucky enough to avoid this entirely, we have many who spend the day on the side of the boat, with the gentle ocean breeze providing refreshing air conditioning and the only thing that can make you feel better.

What we often find is that the proper precautions were not taken, or were followed incorrectly. The waters off the coast of Hawaii can be very rough, and the constant up and down and crashing of the waves easily throws off your equilibrium, and the seasickness starts.

In order to avoid the unlucky fate, follow these instructions to make sure your time on the water is fun, and not spent hanging over the side:

Take motion sickness medicine 24 hours before, and follow instructions on dosage there after. You want to build up the medicine in your body.

  • Look up and out at the horizon if you feel nauseous.
  • Wear a motion sickness patch
  • Wear an anti-nausea wristband
  • Avoid alcohol the night before
  • Eat something prior to departing
  • Apply pressure to the inside of your wrists
  • Drink a coke to tame your stomach

If in doubt, ask your doctor for any remedies or advice prior to departing. We want your fishing trip to be as fun as possible, and to avoid getting sea sick. Enjoy your fishing expedition!

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