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Know Before You Go - Fishing in Hawaii

Fishing in Hawaii is as important as anything. The fish that are caught by local fishing boats provide a key component of the diet for residents of the islands, bringing fresh fish back to shore each and everyday. And this is not anything that is new. Hawaiians have relied on sustainable fishing for hundreds of years, dating all the way back to the first settlers of the islands.

If you are considering a day at sea on a fishing charter during your trip to Hawaii, you are in for a day of fun and adventure. Prior to your day at sea, you will likely have questions and want to know some key details about the fishing. There are very important things to know before you go, so here are the details you will need to keep in mind prior to Deep Sea Fishing in Hawaii.

Private or Semi-Private Charter
This is one of the questions you will need to answer before you even book your fishing charter. A Private Charter simply means that you are reserving the entire boat for your party, and you will have the entire boat to yourselves. The passenger limit depends on the boat, but 6-8 is typically the number that are booked on a charter. A Semi-Private Charter means that you are reserving spaces on the boat, and it will be shared with others who have also booked on the same charter.

If we catch a fish, do we get to keep it?
The exact amount that you get to keep is dependent on the boat, but if you catch a fish, you will leave with a portion of the day’s catch. The size of the fish, what you catch, and the success of others on board all play a factor, and should you choose to share, each individual’s portion of the catch is reduced. Let’s face it, if you reel in a big fish like a Marlin, there is no way you will be able to properly store the fish, so taking a nice cut of it will be a great takeaway for the day.

What can we bring on board?
As always, each charter has its own policies ad rules, but you are usually welcome to bring food and drinks on board. It is always recommended that you bring water, sunscreen, a shirt and jacket, hat, and sunglasses as these are essentials and you will need them for the day. Most boats have a nice interior that you can use to escape the sun, and all have at least a covered area, but it is highly advised to bring items to help protect from the sun and to stay hydrated.

What happens if we don't catch anything?
Unfortunately, this does happen. Fish are wild and predicting the catch of the day is quite difficult, though the Captain and Crew have a very good idea of where to find the day’s catch. However, if there is no catch, there will not be anything to take with you, except the great memories of a day at sea in Hawaii.

You may have many more questions and would like additional information, and we are absolutely happy to help. Call our office and ask anything you’d like!

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