big island fishing

Know Before You Go – Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Terms

Aft – Towards the back of the boat.
Angler - A person who fishes with a rod and line.

Bait Station – where the bait is prepared

Balao - Pronounced "bally-hoo," this is the popular offshore bait is generally used for billfish.
Beam – The widest point of the boat
Belly Strip - A strip of belly meat from a baitfish, trolled from the back of the boat to entire fish.
Big Game Fish – A form of recreational fishing, targeting the largest fish, know for their sporting qualities.
Bow – Front of the boat.
Cockpit - Desk space for the boat’s crew.
Gaff - A steel hook on a handle used for landing fish
Grander - A fish weighing more than 1,000 pounds
Longliner - Commercial fishing boats with a huge spool of heavy line on the back deck, primarily used for targeting Tuna and Swordfish. 
Nautical Mile – Measurement of distance totaling 6,076.12 feet.
Rod Belt - A belt that fits around the angler's waist while battling a fish. The belt keeps the rod snug and helps to conserve energy during a long fight. 
Run & Gun – Fishing method, where the angler is attempting to catch aggressive fish that will quickly strike the lures.
Skunked – A day in which zero fish are caught
Stern – Back most, or aft, portion of the boat.
Trolling - To fish by towing baited lines behind the boat.

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