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Fishing in Hawaii: Chasing the Mighty Blue Marlin

Way out in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean, where the sea is the deepest of blue, the giants of the ocean are found. Thriving in the warm waters with an abundance of food, fish reach sizes that are almost unbelievable, causing legendary fish to reach mythological sizes, and allowing fishing boats in Hawaii to provide a sustainable food source.

The largest of the big game fish is the mighty blue marlin, known for it’s massive size and unmatched strength, as well as its incredible beauty. Finding one of these behemoths is not an easy task, and reeling one in is even more difficult, but if you are lucky enough to hook one and bring it on board, you will be the envy of the docks, and will have a tale to tell when you return home.

Record setting catches have been recorded all over the Hawaiian Islands, but the largest of all fish ever caught in Hawaii is a Blue Marlin. Recently, a 600-pound marlin was caught off the coast of Oahu, and the all-time record for fish caught in Hawaii stands at 1,805 pounds, thanks to a local fishing boat that reeled it in in 1970. The record still stands to this day, and has seldom been threatened.

The blue marlin is one of the world’s largest bony fish, and male marlin typically reaches about 330 pounds. Females can grow to be far bigger, weighing in at over 1,000 pounds. Catches of varying sizes are commonly caught in the waters off Hawaii’s coast, with the most common being in the 300-500 pound range. Even these are gigantic fish, and the fight put up can last for hours. The power and strength should not be underestimated, and with the help of the captain and crew, bringing the fish on board will be a satisfying benchmark of your day at sea.

Fishing charters depart daily from all islands. The best places to catch marlin and other big game fish are off the coasts of Oahu and the Big Island, where the waters are the deepest and fish swim freely and can always find food. In order to get to the most optimal spots for fishing, full-day fishing charters are recommended, allowing the captain to get out to the deeper waters where the biggest fish are found. Marlin, swordfish, tuna, and mahi mahi are all found in Hawaiian waters, and catching any will be a true highlight of your trip to the islands.

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