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Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing for the Mighty Marlin

When you think of big fish, like really big fish, you probably envision a marlin. The distinct characteristics of the big game fish are striking and well worth the battle to bring it on board. The marlin is found in the deepest waters that take fishing boats long journeys to reach. These waters are rich in food and provide plenty of room for the fish to swim freely and grow to staggering sizes. If you are ready to seek out the mighty marlin, head out on a deep sea fishing charter during your visit to Hawaii.

The marlin is a legendary fish that is found all around Hawaii. In fact, the Hawaiian waters have long been a major fishing location for the marlin and some of the largest catches on record happened right here in Hawaii. The best locations for marlin fishing are the Big Island’s Kona Coast and off the southwestern coast of Oahu.

The Hawaiian name for the marlin is A’u and the lean muscle of the fish is a great source of protein. If you are fortunate enough to hook one, you will be blown away at their size and power. The are so quick and agile, and have incredible stamina. The marlin can grow to be greater than 1,000 pounds, with the most common weight coming in the 300 pound range. The conditions of the waters surrounding Hawaii - plenty of food and room - makes the islands an incredible place for marlin fishing, and though there are many different fish that are found in Hawaiian waters, the marlin remains the prize catch. Hawaii fishing boats have long been an integral part of the sport that local fishermen have developed many of the techniques that are in used to catch marlin all over the world.

Fishing is a past time of sorts in Hawaii, providing nourishment to residents of the islands, and providing an economic pillar to the islands for many years. Fishing is much different today than in the earliest day so the islands, but still so important. To catch a marlin, you’ll need a bit of luck, to book a full-day Hawaii deep sea fishing adventure, and to be ready for a battle. These fish put up quite the fight and you will want to be ready for what is to come.

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