big island fishing

Native Hawaiian Fish

Hawaiian waters are some of the most populated waters in the world, home to a variety of fish, ranging in size from teeny tiny to some of the biggest in the world. While visiting the islands, you have the opportunity to see some of these fish on snorkeling adventures, exploring some of the most popular snorkeling destinations in the Pacific.

You also may be looking to see, or even catch, some of the bigger fish on a Hawaii Fishing Charter, taking you out to the deep waters where the large fish have plenty of room to hunt and grow. Local fishing boats are responsible for bringing food back to each island, and providing locals with a sustainable food source that can keep the waters populated for generations to come.

Native Hawaiian Fish are often seen during a fishing charter, and knowing what you are fishing for will be a big part of your excursion. Fish caught near the coast are used for many of the most popular dishes in Hawaiian cuisine, and you can be part of providing for locals during your trip.

Mahi Mahi – one of the more common fish to catch on a Hawaiian Fishing Charters. This odd looking fish is one of the more commonly used fish in local cuisine, and is a perfect choice for fish tacos, or grilled and paired with fresh local veggies.

Yellowfin Tuna – perhaps the most important fish to the Hawaiian Islands, the tuna caught in Hawaii goes into everybody’s favorite dish: poke! The tuna is a firm, red meat (not red meat like beef, just red in color), and is often caught on a fishing charter. Pick up some poke at a local restaurant or grocery store, and you will be in Heaven.

Marlin – wouldn’t it be a great experience to be out at sea and catch a marlin? Even spotting one may make your day. These massive fish are found in the deeper waters off the coast, and likely only to be caught during a full-day fishing charter. If you hook one, be ready for a fight.

Swordfish – another fish that you can encounter in the deep waters, the swordfish is quite the catch. Watch for these giants leaping out of the water, and like the marlin, if you catch one, be ready for a long battle. The swordfish is typically found in higher priced dishes due to its scarcity, but if you have the chance to taste it, take advantage of it.

Humuhumunukunukuapua’a – don't expect to see this little fish out in the deep waters, but you will likely see it during a snorkeling adventure. This Trigger Fish is the state fish of Hawaii, and is a local resident at great snorkel sites like Hanauma Bay. Can you master the art of pronouncing it’s Hawaiian name?

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