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Native Marine Life in Hawaii

The warm waters of the Hawaiian Islands are teeming with tropical fish and native marine life that calls the waters around Hawaii home. Generally, spotting at least some of the fish and ocean dwellers is easy, with many different fish found at snorkeling hot spots like Hanauma Bay, Molokini, and the Na Pali Coast. But these are smaller species of fish, feeding on the reefs and don't venture very far from the safety of the coral.

Larger species of fish are found out in the open ocean and are some of the most incredible creatures you will ever see. These exotic ocean dwellers are not as easy to find, and are found so far out at sea, that seeing them from the beach isn’t a possibility. The only way to have the chance to see these giants is on a boat that is fit to journey out to the open ocean, and with a captain and crew that know the best places to find them.

One of the most popular, and most fun, ways to head out to the open ocean is on board a private fishing charter. Even if fishing is not for you, you can still come along for the ride, and enjoy a day on the open ocean, and a great opportunity to spot giant tropical fish in their natural habitat. Some of the fish that are commonly spotted during a private fishing charter are:

  • Blue, Black, and Stripped Marlin
  • Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna)
  • Ono (Wahoo)
  • MahiMahi
  • Skipjack Tuna

Not only are these some of the most incredible fish to see, these fish are also some of the most prized catches you will ever encounter, helping to provide a sustainable food source for the islands. The fishing boats that head out to each day are responsible for catching fish, and supplying the catch to local fish markets, ensuring that residents of the islands have fresh food and are able to enjoy amazing dishes with locally sourced fish.

If you are looking for a thrilling day, and a great way to spend time in Hawaii, consider a fishing charter, and the best way to spot native marine life in Hawaii. The waters of Hawaii are filled with colorful fish that keep the waters in Hawaii thriving and alive, and no matter how you choose to see them, you will love the sites.

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