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Picking Your Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventure

Hawaii deep sea fishing adventures are one of the most fun activities you can take when you are on a vacation to any of the Hawaiian Islands. There is something refreshing about being out at sea, the ocean breeze against your skin and no sign of land in sight. The fish are biting and you are enjoying quite the day on board a local fishing boat, in search of the days catch. There is just one decision you’ll need to make: how long will you be out at sea on your Hawaii deep sea fishing adventure?

There are two options for a day of fishing, each with the chance to catch a prized fish and secure bragging rights from your vacation.

Half-DayHawaiiDeepSea Fishing Adventure
This is the right choice if you are just looking for some fun at sea and don’t want to spend an entire day fishing. You’ll depart in the early morning hours, usually just before sunrise, and head out to moderately deep waters. The channels between islands are the perfect spot for fishing, as the waters are deep enough for fish to find food and grow, but doesn’t take too long to reach. In total, expect to spend 4-6 hours on a Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Adventure, searching for fish like the mahi mahi and smaller species of tuna.

Full-DayHawaiiDeepSea Fishing Adventure
Geared more towards the serious fishermen, when we say a full day of fishing, we mean a full day of fishing. You’ll depart before sunrise and spend anywhere from 6-10 hours at sea, heading to the deepest waters. This means that you’ll be in search of the biggest fish, including marlin, sailfish, and swordfish, in addition to larger tuna. Though this is great for all experience levels, more experienced fishermen typically enjoy this adventure, and the battle that comes along with hooking the biggest fish in the sea.

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