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Private or Semi-Private Fishing Charter?

At this point in your vacation planning, you are down to the nitty gritty: figuring out the great activities that you want to do, and figuring out which restaurants you MUST eat at. Since you’re considering a fishing charter, we can help you out with which is the right choice for you and your group.

In addition to a Full-Day or a Half-Day Fishing Charter, you have the choice of a Private or a Semi-Private day of fishing. Though both head out to sea and give a similar experience, there are differences in the expeditions, and those differences can help you choose which is the right option.

Private Fishing Charter
On a Private Fishing Charter, you have run of the entire boat, along with the captain and crew. The term “private” is used to describe the fact that you and your group will be the only passengers on board, and will not be sharing the day with anyone else. Private charters give you full control of the day, and the captain often provides advice on where to fish, and the best options for the day. Since you have the boat, you will be able to choose the options for the adventure, and decide exactly what you want to do. Typically, boats hold between 6-8, in addition to the crew, so you are free to fill the boat with only your party. Some take all the spots, while other head out with just a few. Private charters are essentially a buyout of all seats on board the boat, so the price will be higher than a shared charter.

Semi-Private Fishing Charter
These are the more common charters that are purchased, and the reasons are many. For one, you are only purchasing a seat on board the boat, so the cost is significantly less than a private charter. These boats are shared adventures with others who have also chosen the Semi-Private Charter, so there will be other on board that you do not know. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and share an incredible experience. Also referred to as “Shared Charters”, the day is the same length, and options given on board are a majority decision, so you may not get the exact experience that you want.

No matter which option you choose, your fishing adventure will be a blast. There is something special about being out on the open ocean and searching for the day’s catch.

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