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Fishing in Hawaii – Skipjack Tuna

Out on the high seas, , there are a number of fish that you might come across, each as impressive as the next, and all a highly sought after catch. From the delicious Ahi Tuna to the colorful Mahi Mahi, the waters in Hawaii provide the perfect opportunity to reel in the big one. One of the more common fish that you may encounter while fishing is the Skipjack Tuna, one of the most common fish in Hawaii and also one of the most important fish in Hawaiian culture, found in many dishes that date all the way back to ancient Hawaii.

During its high season, the Skipjack is in abundance, and is easily found by local charters. Fishing boats are very careful to catch Skipjack responsibly, ensuring that there is no overfishing and the population of the fish remains healthy for years to come.

The fish reproduces quickly, making it one of the more common fish that is caught. Full sized Skipjacks reach about of about 31 inches in length, and can weigh as much as 25 pounds. The fish is often used in canned tuna products, and are a common prey for larger fish.

In ancient Hawaii, the Skipjack played a big role in the cuisine of the islands, found in an assortment of dishes and is typically broiled or fried. Island chefs love Skipjack due to its firm texture and rich flavor, and the flavor of Skipjack is much stronger that Ahi, making it favorable for dishes like Poke or Sashimi. Hawaiians also love dried Skipjack, or Aku, a fish jerky that is found in many grocery stores or homemade and sold on the side of the road, and pairs great with another local dish, Poi. The two staples have been enjoyed together for hundreds of years, and are an important dish to Hawaii’s history.

Keep a lookout for Skipjack during your fishing charter. You are likely to see them, and if you catch one, you will love the taste of the dark red meat. The flavor and the fact that you caught it in will make your day, and be a huge highlight for your trip.

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