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Hawaii Fishing – Skipjack Tuna

Way out on the open ocean, there are more fish than you can count, swimming in the wide open waters that surround Hawaii, giving fish plenty of room to grow. Among the most sought after fish for local fishing boats are tuna species of all sizes. This important fish is a staple throughout the islands, gracing serving plates in restaurants and at authentic Hawaiian Luaus. Specifically, Skipjack Tuna is one of the more popular fish in Hawaii, and you can spend a day during your vacation in search of this fish on a Hawaii Fishing Expedition.

During its high season, the Skipjack is easily found, and finding schools of these incredible fish is something that fishing charters have become quite good at. Though there are healthy populations of the fish throughout the Pacific Ocean, local boats are very cautious when catching these fish, ensuring that they do not overfish and that populations remain in abundance. Skipjack reproduce quickly, making it a very common fish to catch on Hawaii fishing charters. They can reach about 25 pounds, coming in at just under 3 feet in length, and it is commonly used in canned tuna products.

Skipjack Tuna has played a role in the cuisine of Hawaii for thousands of years, and continues to be used in an variety of popular dishes. One of the most popular uses of the tuna is dried, creating a fish jerky that is downright delicious. During your ventures around the island, keep a lookout for locals selling Aku (or fish jerky) on the side of the road, and be sure to pick some up.

Though it is not known what you will be fishing for until the morning of your Hawaii fishing adventure, there is a good possibility that you will encounter Skipjack Tuna during your time at sea. Half-day Hawaii Fishing Charters stick to the moderately deep waters where Skipjack thrive, and if you are lucky enough to win a battle against one of these fish, you will have your day, and possibly your entire trip made.

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