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Hawaii Fishing Adventures – Species of Fish

When you head out to sea on a Deep Sea Hawaii Fishing Adventure, there are a variety of different species of fish that might come in contact with, each offering a challenge for anyone attempting to reel one in. Hawaiian waters are well known for fishing and there have been many fish caught here that have set a record of some kind. Not to mention that fishing is very important to the islands, providing a reliable food source for residents of each island. A Hawaii fishing adventure is always a great time, and seeing the different species of fish in the ocean is a thrill.

On any given day, fishing boats head out in search of the day’s catch, hoping to reel in a fish that can be sold to local fish markets, providing food to restaurants and grocers around the island. While there are many fish in the ocean, there are only few that are fit for a catch and are the most sought after fish by fishing boats:

Mahi Mahi – while this is not the biggest fish in the ocean, it might be one of the tastiest. Used in everything from fish tacos to fish sandwiches and even as the main course, the firm white meat of the Mahi Mahi is very versatile. The beauty of the fish is breathtaking and once you’ve attempted to reel one in, you will have a whole new respect for the might of this stunning fish.

Yellowfin Tuna – if you hook a tuna, get ready. Though they are somewhat moderate in size, they bring a fight. You will certainly eat Yellowfin during your visit, either in a sushi dish, perhaps as part of a salad, or in Poke.

Marlin – the marlin is often recognized as a trophy fish, hanging on walls around the world for people to admire. Hooking a marlin is generally reserved for full-day fishing charters that reach the deep waters, and battling one of these giants can last for hours.

Swordfish – like the marlin, the swordfish is a huge fish that is powerful and will take a feat of strength to bring it on board. The swordfish can grow to be one of the biggest fish in the ocean and is know to take many hours to defeat. The fish is typically prepared as the main course, and if you visit a restaurant that has this fish on its menu, you must get it!

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