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Sport Fishing in Hawaii

Though there are many different species of fish in Hawaii, when you’re out at sea on a deep sea fishing excursion, you are most likely to encounter only a handful of species. These are all well known throughout the islands and are a big part of the deep sea fishing industry. The captain and crew are very familiar with a the water off of Hawaii’s coast and if you are fortunate enough to catch one of these prized fish, you will have quite the story to tell.

Depending on the duration of your fishing charter, you will be in prime position to catch something. Full-day charters head to the deepest waters where the big fish are found, while half-day charters stick to moderately deep waters where smaller fish are found. Keep a look out for these fish while out at sea and be ready for a battle if you hook one.

Mahi Mahi
Though the Mahi Mahi is not the biggest fish in the ocean, it is beautiful, and delicious. Used in a variety of dishes around Hawaii, the Mahi is notable for it’s unique look, big fin, and colorful scales. You might encounter Mahi Mahi on a fish taco or as the featured item in a main course.

You know those old fishing stories about “the big one” that you hear from time to time? The Marlin is likely what those stories are about. These giants can grow to over 1,000 pounds, and it is very common to catch a 300+ pound fish during a full-day fishing charter. Just the sight of one of these will take you by surprise, and once you’ve started the battle, you’ll have a whole new appreciation for their size and strength.

Ahi Tuna
Of all of the fish that Hawaii relies on, the Ahi might be the most important. Used in everyone’s favorite dish, Poke, Ahi is a very common fish to encounter while fishing, and though they aren’t the largest, their endurance is impressive. Most half-day charters encounter the tuna while out at sea, and even if you don’t catch one, you can still enjoy the Ahi in a nice big bowl of Poke.

Each of these fish is found in Hawaii, though there are many more fish that you might catch, including the Swordfish, various types of tuna, and local fish like the Moonfish. Fishing is a national pastime in Hawaii, and if you are lucky enough to reel one in, you will have quite the story to share.

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