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Travel Advice for Your Hawaiian Vacation

Getting ready for a trip to a far off land is always exciting, and getting advice in advance makes the trip go a little bit smoother. While there is always going to be some uncertainty when traveling, getting a jumpstart on what to expect makes traveling a bit easier, and will help take some of the worry out of the trip.

We want to help you prepare as much as we can, and get you in the mindset to have an incredible vacation to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

1. Pack What You Need

It’s very easy to over pack when traveling. In most places, weather is always the wild card, and is the determining factor as to what you pack. Luckily, we live in Hawaii, and you can get away with what you would typically wear on a perfect spring or summer day. Shorts, t-shirts, tank-tops, sundresses, and flip flops are the unofficial uniform of Hawaii, and if you tend to get cold, bring a light jacket.

2. Plan Ahead
Popular tours and activities sell out quickly, and you don’t want to miss out on the things you want to do. As the dates of your vacation approaches, you’ll want to make your reservations. Our best advice is to get everything booked at least 1 month in advance.

3. Practice Aloha
The one thing that will help you when you arrive is having plenty of “Aloha.” You might be wondering exactly what that is, right? Aloha is showing respect and kindness, and having love for the islands and the locals. Remember, this is the place that residents call home, and treating the islands with respect is very important.

4. Ask Around
Need recommendations on a good beach, or where to eat? Just ask around. You can find exactly what you’re looking for just by being courteous and asking a concierge, hotel employee, or even someone on the beach. Remember to smile, be friendly, and say “mahalo” for the great advice.

5. Experience As Much As You Can
Hawaii is all about the experience, and doing as many great things as you can. Always say yes to an offer, and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Experiencing everything will make you fall in love with the islands, and will ensure you have the best vacation possible.

Due to the high volume of visitors traveling to Hawaii year round, our Big Island tours and Big Island Activities sell out quickly. In many cases, tours sell out weeks or months in advance. To ensure your spots on tour, we recommend reserving your tours today. Call our office or book online to take advantage of our low price guarantee today.