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Hawaii Fishing Adventures – Skipjack Tuna

There is something that is just special about spending a day at sea, especially a day at sea when you’re visiting Hawaii! The islands are an extraordinary place that offers visitors so much, from great activities and things to do to natural beauty and amazing scenery. The ocean waters that surround each island are ripe with marine life, ranging from tiny creatures that live on the reefs to some of the biggest fish in the ocean. During a visit to Hawaii, you can head out to the open seas for a day of fun and fishing during a Hawaii Fishing Adventure, and there are many different fish that you’ll be in search of.

One of the fish that you might encounter while on a fishing adventure is the Skipjack Tuna, one of the most common fish in Hawaiian waters and also one of the most important fish to Hawaiian culture. This species of tuna is found in many dishes that date all the way back to ancient Hawaii and is a popular fish to find on the menu of a local restaurant.

Skipjack Tuna is found in abundance in Hawaii and local fishing boats are very careful to catch Skipjack responsibly. By practicing sustainable fishing, the population of the fish remains healthy, ensuring that there is no overfishing and that this fish will continue to thrive around Hawaii, and around the world. Reproducing quickly, Skipjack populations thrive and remain to be found in large numbers. Full sized Skipjacks can grow to be nearly 3 feet long and can weigh as much as 25 pounds. Interestingly, the Skipjack is the species of tuna that is most often used in canned tuna products, and are a common prey for larger fish.

Local chefs love to cook with Skipjack due to its firm texture, rich flavor, and the diversity that the fish brings to a dish. The flavor of Skipjack is actually stronger than Ahi Tuna, making it favorable for dishes like Poke or Sashimi. A local favorite use for Skipjack is Aku, a fish jerky that is found in many grocery stores, or at roadside stands, expertly prepared by the fishermen that caught the fish.

When you’re out on a Hawaii Fishing Adventure, keep a lookout for Skipjack. You are likely to see a school of them swimming, and if you happen to catch one, you’ll have quite the battle on your hands. Hawaii Fishing Adventures are a great activity for all experience levels, and a day at sea is always a day well spent.

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