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What to Expect During a Hawaii Fishing Charter

There always tends to be a bit of mystery and excitement when you are traveling to a new place and taking part in the various activities found there. While you don’t necessarily want to know a play-by-ply of the events of the activities that you’ve chosen, it is nice to have a bit of an idea of what to expect, only so you can plan accordingly. When heading out to sea on a Hawaii Fishing Charter, you will probably want to have an idea of the day goes, so you can plan meals and plan what you need to bring.

We want you to know what to expect during a fishing charter because you will be away from land, and there are no restaurants or places to find food and drink at sea. Shocking, we know, so here are some tidbits to help you prepare for your fun day at sea.

First, let’s start with ocean conditions. This is an unpredictable place, and the ocean depends on the day. At times, the water is calm and your fishing trip will be easy; at other times, the ocean can be rough and the trip can be difficult. Regardless, it is always recommended to take motion sickness medicine to help combat they symptoms. Believe us, there is nothing worse than spending your time on the boat leaning over the side. Follow the directions on the package and be sure to drink lots of fluid leading up to your trip.

For food and drink, the captain and crew of the boat welcome pretty much anything you want to bring. We need food and water to survive, so bring what you want to eat. It might be a good idea to check with your chosen boat prior to your trip, just to understand any specific rules they may have. Be sure to bring plenty of water.

Out at sea, there is really no hiding from the sun. Most boats have an interior area, or a shaded area that you can relax in, but for the most part, you’ll be at the mercy of the great outdoors and the sun can be brutal out at sea. Bring and apply plenty of sunscreen, and you’ll also want to bring a long sleeve shirt and a hat to keep the sun off your skin entirely. Surprisingly, there are moments that it can be quite cool out at sea, due to high winds and how wet you get.

The actual fishing portion of your charter is what you are out at sea to do, and this is the most fun part. If you are fortunate enough to hook a fish, you will be the one to reel it in. Some fish, like Marlin and Swordfish, are mighty battlers, and have great stamina, making the fight very tough, often lasting for hours. The captain and crew are on board to help you out, with guidance, instruction, and an extra set of hands should the battle become too much for you

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