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What to Know About Hawaii Fishing Charters

If you are considering a fishing charter for your trip to Hawaii, you are in for quite a treat. The day is filled with fun, from the time you arrive at the harbor to the time you return, the good times don't stop, and the chance to be out on the open seas only adds to the amazing experience that you are going to have.

Before you book your charter, you will likely have questions and be curious about the details. And that is exactly what we will be addressing. Here are some need to know details about your fishing charter:

Private or Semi-Private: what is the difference
If you opt to book the Private Fishing Charter, you are going to be reserving the boat for you and your party. On a Semi-Private Charter, you will be sharing the boat with others who have also booked that day. Since space is limited on board, the party will be small, but this is a great chance to meet new friends and share the experience with others.

Do we keep what we catch?
The exact cut of each charter varies, but if you catch a fish, you will leave with a portion of the catch. The size of the fish and the success of others on board plays a factor, and should you choose to share, each individuals portion of the catch is reduced.

Do we need to bring anything?
Again, each charter is different, but you are typically welcome to bring food and drinks on board. It is advised that you bring water, sunscreen, a shirt and jacket, hat, and sunglasses. There is an interior part of the boat that you can use to escape the sun, but we highly recommend bringing appropriate attire.

What if we don't catch anything?
This does happen from time to time. Fish are wild and predicting the catch of the day is very difficult. If there is no catch, there won’t be anything to walk away with. But you will have spent a day at sea with a great crew and will have amazing memories.

You may have many more questions and would like additional information, and we are absolutely happy to help. Call our office and ask anything you’d like!

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