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Hawaii Fishing Charters – Where to Go Fishing

We’ve all seen the giant fish that are caught around the world, with proud fishermen displaying their catch and posing for the camera after a day at sea. You may have wondered where these big fish are found, and just how the fish are caught, and we have the answer for you: Hawaii fishing charters! This is quickly becoming one of the go-to activities for travelers who are looking for a day of fun at sea, and the opportunity to head out in search of the catch of a lifetime.

But, where is the best place to go fishing in Hawaii? You know, the place to find the big fish that will give you a tough challenge and present the opportunity to bring in that record catch. The islands feature plenty of great spots for fishing, off of the coast of all islands, all known for their prime waters for the biggest fish in the ocean. In order to find these top fishing sports, you’ll need an expert crew that knows these waters, and a fishing boat that can handle the waves and currents of the Pacific Ocean.

Most islands are known for specific fish, and the channels in between the close islands are where you can find fish like Mahi Mahi, big enough to warrant a catch and provide food, but not so big that you have to venture out to the deepest waters. Mahi Mahi have long been a favorite fish of locals and residents, used in a variety of local dishes. This fish is commonly found in shallow waters just off the coast of Oahu and in between Maui and Molokai.

The deep waters way off of the coasts of Kauai, Big Island, and Oahu is where the fish grow the biggest, often reaching unimaginable sizes that make reeling one in a battle of a lifetime. Out in these waters, Marlin, Tuna, and Swordfish are among the fish that swim freely, with plenty of room to grow and plenty of fish to feed on. Some of the biggest fish on record have been caught out here, including an 1,800 pound Marlin reeled in off of the Kona coast on the Big Island.

Finding the best fishing spots is easy, and when you have the guidance of a local captain and crew, fishing is easy. There is no experience necessary to head out to sea, and in the event that you land a fish, the crew will be right there to help you bring it on board.

Hawaii’s waters are known around the world as a hot spot for deep sea fishing, and dating back to the days of ancient Hawaii, have been a source of food the islands. Groups large and small enjoy a day at sea on fishing charters that can last either a full-day or a half-day. There is something quite special about fishing in Hawaii, and this is one activity that you will want to be part of.

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