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Which Fish Are Caught on a Hawaii Fishing Charter?

Throughout the warm waters of Hawaii are fish that love the tropical waters, reefs, and dramatic underwater rock formations where they make their homes. Found in all sizes and shapes, the fish that are found in the Pacific Ocean play a significant role in the ocean’s health and the food chain that is found beneath the surface of the ocean. From the teeniest little reef fish to the massive marlin that have been spotted on Hawaii fishing charters, you will find some of the most beautiful fish you will ever see. And when you are visiting Hawaii, finding these creatures is as easy as heading out for a snorkeling adventure to see the smallest fish, or heading out for deep sea fishing, where you will find the biggest and most impressive fish.

On a Hawaii fishing charter, you might be curious to know which fish are most commonly caught. There isn’t a purpose in catching small fish, as those are not suitable for eating, and we need them to live on the reefs and help keep the ocean’s clean and healthy. The bigger fish are what we are after, and though there role in the ocean is just as important as the small fish, keeping the populations under control and using sustainable fishing methods are as important to the ocean’s health as making sure the reefs are healthy. Let’s take a look at the fish that are caught on a Hawaii fishing charter:

Mahi Mahi – there is a misconception with the Mahi Mahi, or the dolphin fish. This is not a dolphin. In Hawaiian, “Mahi” means “very strong”, so if you are on out at sea and you hook on, be ready for a battle. Sought for their beauty and size, this fish has long been part of the Hawaiian cuisine, and the firm white meat is great in fish tacos.

Yellowfin Tuna – you will see this fish on nearly every menu in Hawaii, and for good reason. The tuna’s red meat is perfect in so many dishes, and is one of the favorites throughout the islands. Used in many sushi dishes, you will see this on many menus as “Ahi Tuna”, and it is the start of any Poke dish.

Marlin – the marlin is the prize that every seasoned fishing boat is after. Growing to unbelievable sizes, the largest marlin ever caught in Hawaii checked in at about 1,800 pounds, though most marlin that are caught during a Hawaii fishing charter come in between 300-600 pounds, which is still a giant fish, and these strong creatures will put up quite the fight.

Swordfish – like the marlin, the Swordfish is no small fish and will not be easy to reel in. Leaping from the water and diving deep, it can take many hours to take control of the fight, but with the help of the Captain and Crew, you will have it on the boat before you know it.

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